The top spies in World War 2

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Before listing the top spies during World War 2, let's briefly clarify some terms:

There are 3 types of spies, depdending on how they become spies: And now, the top spies in World War 2:

Spies for the Soviet Union:

In an era when the United States did not even have an espionage agency, the Soviet Union was the espionage superpower.

Spies for the United States:

The United States had to start a wartime espionage effort entirely from scratch:

Spies for the United Kingdom:

After years of appeasement, British intelligence services were not ready for World War 2 with spies within Germany. When the war started, the main intelligence efforts were: (a) codebreaking German radio communications, (b) supporting resistance all over Nazi-occupied Europe, (c) capturing German spies and turning some of them to double agents. But there were two very unique walk-in spies:

Spies for Nazi Germany :

In addition to being decisively defeated by the intelligence services of the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom, the deadly rivalry between the German military intelligence service and the Nazi party's intelligence service, negated the usefulness of Germany's one well-placed spy.

Spies for Japan:

Japan's intelligence collection focused on tactical and technical military information. That left them dangerously unaware of the economic-industrial strength of their enemies:

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